Ubud Fairy Village took one year to build, and is the creation of artist Jelila.

After a more extensive Christmas village than usual, which involved about 8 kids train sets made into a track, Jelila realised what fun trainsets are, and got kind of hooked.


Fairy Houses

Her friends said ‘are you gonna keep it?’ with that kind of mopey hang-dog look that says ‘please don’t get rid of it!’, so Jelila built the curvy table, following the original figure of 8 golden track, in her art studio, and started to create fairy houses from paperclay, a new material, a flexible clean soft fluffy clay that dries light and hard like paper.

Ubud Fairy Village took a year to build, with various Balinese helpers employed at different times, to assist in realising Jelila’s vision. ‘I wanted to bring back the fairy energy to Ubud!’ she says. ‘It was getting too commercialised and losing its enchantment’.

Jelila asked her gardener, Koming, to help build the hills, giving him a quick lesson in paper mache, and making the design of the hills modular so that the whole display is moveable.

Huge Toy

‘Ubud Fairy Village really is a huge toy’, says Jelila ‘it is meant to be played with, rearranged, enjoyed and fussed over’.

Koming also built the 2 tall pink and blue mountains under Jelila’s instruction, getting creative with found bits of foam rubber to make funny little doorways, steps, and other features. Jelila said ‘what’s that foam?’ Koming said ‘I found it in the street’.

6 other Balinese helpers helped to make other fairy village houses, towers, the ice cream castle, and all the thousands of tiny details like flowers, mushrooms, trees, and fairy figures, to Jelila’s design.

That’s how we roll! Re-purposing and using found materials ‘The best materials – are free materials’ says Jelila, who was gifted by ‘all the most perfect clean corrugated card you could ever want, a huge free pile, left stacked right outside my studio door, when we wanted to build the paper mache tree and the hills!

Thank-you Universe! So fun’.

Love in progress

Is it finished? No not really, laughs Jelila ‘I suppose it is never finished, because I keep coming up with new things to create!’.

‘I’d like to make some more larger, detailed buildings, similar to the Library, Sweet Shop, and Willow House that are already completed.

I’d like to make a Bakery, maybe a Tavern, haven’t fully thought about it yet’.

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Guided Playtime

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Wendy House ~ Train track time ~ Floor garden ~ Train set (you build) ~ Hang the figures on the tree ~ Fairy Village Treasure Hunt (Optional and Coming Soon) ~ Dolls House ~ Paperclay Play (guided)

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