Make a Rainbow Troll


Make Funny Trolls Series – make a baby, a rainbow and a mama with a pouch!

Make a Rainbow Troll – 2 of 3

‘I’m a troll, fol-de-rol, and I’ll eat you – for my supper!’ said one troll, famously. (Trolls are not renowned for their wit). Others, were large, made of stone, and got so involved in arguing that they completely forgot what they were supposed to be doing.

For a bit of contrast to the sweetness and light, we thought we’d add some trolls to Ubud Fairy Village. They are funny, simple, roundy, and have movable heads.

We’ll show you how to model your troll, how to make the head move, and how to make the body, and how to model nice hands and feet from soft, colourful, clean, eco paperclay.

You can add some fluffy hair, colourful or even rainbowey, like those cool trolls from the seventies, if you like. (Google ‘cool trolls from the seventies‘ to see them).

You can paint or sparkle up your troll if you wish.

If there’s any extra time, you could make some rocks for your trolls to throw, or sit on. Or make a troll-cat. Or an owl. A rock-sandwich. Or a basket to carry rocks in. Trolls throw rocks, don’t they? What else do trolls do? Tell us, and we’ll show you how to make it.

Class 4 – Rainbow Troll – in this class, you’ll make pretty rainbow sparkle clay, and use it to cover your troll. You can make a funky, colourful troll, your own design, or following ours. We have human looking trolls, mouse trolls, a cow troll… You can add a tuft of colourful ‘troll hair’, if you like. You can let your imagination run free, in this class!

The classes build, to do Class 2 – Rainbow Troll, you must first do Class 1 Baby Troll. And you’ll need to complete Classes 1 and 2 before attempting Class 3 – Mama Troll with pouch. 

Maximum 2 children per Adult.

The system will give you discounts according to the size of your party (or a fee for 3rd Child)

If you need to bring more children, please book them as adults, and do let us know in the additional info box below, we will bring in more staff to support. 

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


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