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About Classes you choose

Choose a class at your ability level

Don’t try to do too much.  Start at your ability level.

Make a Flowered Watering Can is our starter class, it shows you how to make an impressive item, in an easy way.

Please note: Children seem to appreciate a good long playtime, at least an hour or more, in the Fairy Village before they are ready for ‘activities’ like a class. We suggest you visit on one or two days to play, then come for a class on another day. Mornings are better for kids to do a class, as they are then fresh.


Once you book, you cannot change the type of class you have chosen

Please take care that you choose the class you want to do as changing class is only possible by cancelling and re-booking your class.


The class is only going to teach the topic of the class

You cannot alter the topic of your class or method taught. You cannot choose to ‘make a bigger one’ or a ‘different one’ ad-hoc.


Want to make something ‘big’ or ‘different’? Then go off-piste with our ‘Make something special with us’ class.


Groups need to all do the same topic in their class

We cannot cover different topics in the same class.

This is to ensure that everyone receives the level of tuition needed.




 Please arrive early. 

Ubud Fairy Village is popular! Please arrive 15 minutes early, to make sure you don’t miss your class.

Late arrivals will not be allowed into the class, and you will lose your booking with no refund. This is because it disrupts the class for everybody.


No unaccompanied children.

Our staff are here to play, and teach art. Although they may help/play with the kids, they are not child minders.

Ideally we hope and invite you to join in and play with your kid! Or to find ‘the kid in you’ and play yourself!  That’s the precious gift of Ubud Fairy Village and it’s what we are really about. Please do not sit on your phone!  Try making the ‘floor garden’ with your kid! Or play with the trains! It’s really fun!


Walk ins

Prior bookings vs walk ins

Ideally, please book in advance to allow us to prepare for your class.

Although we can do ad hoc ‘walk in’ classes sometimes, you may then need to wait a little, for us to prepare your class.


Many thanks

Please note that the terms and conditions apply to all members of a group attending Ubud Fairy Village. They are there to help ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience for all.

If you are booking for a group, please ensure that all adult group members are aware of the Terms and Conditions by sharing This Link.

We wish you and your party a joyful and magical visit to Ubud Fairy Village!

For more details please see our privacy policies.

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