Sunset Special


Sunset time (from about 5pm) is a wonderful time, the best time, to view and photograph Ubud Fairy Village. As the sky outside darkens, you’ll see the full beauty of the fairy lights in the village highlighted, and all the colours of the whole village begin to shine, and are very beautiful to be seen.

Coming soon…

To Book the whole space – choose 1 Adult select the Whole Space Option.
Please tell us your party size in the Additional info box so we can arrange your teatime snack, your shopping voucher, your gift, and the guided play with Ubud Fairy Village. Play with the Wendy house, dolls house, and make a fairy garden on the floor, and make something simple from clay like miniature fairy cakes (optional), is included.

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


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