Make a BIG/Special Mermaid


Create your own beautiful mermaid – mythical sea creature – a woman with a fish-like tail.

Make a BIG/Special Mermaid

This large mermaid takes much longer to make as you have to model a larger area to make the head, arms, and body. You’ll have a larger, impressive mermaid at the end, and you have more space to put your decorative details on the tail, body, face, and hair.

We’ll provide the tail for you, as it’s difficult to make, and show you how to create the body, arms, and head using wire and clay. Then we’ll show you our step-by-step way to paint a beautiful face. You’ll create lovely hair from our collection of colourful soft wools and multi-colour twisted threads.

You’ll decorate your mermaid’s tail with paint, glitter, sequin, shells and diamante, and add any other decorative details like a crown and the mermaid ‘bra’ with glitter, shells, sequins or paint.

If you finish early enough and have spare time at the end, you can make a mini comb and mirror, or create a rock for your mermaid to sit on, or make miniature fairy cakes.

Maximum 2 children per Adult.

The system will give you discounts according to the size of your party (or a fee for 3rd Child)

If you need to bring more children, please book them as adults, and do let us know in the additional info box below, we will bring in more staff to support. 

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


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