Make Cute Animals


Whether you always wanted to be a vet, live on a farm, or just – have more animals around you, these classes are for you!

Lesson 1 – make some easy animals

You’ll learn to make some cute domestic animals from our range of prepared models, which we have designed to be simple to make. We’ll show you how to make them to stand up properly, and be stable.

Very easy (these can also be done by very young children):
• Snail, duck, duck’s nest and eggs

• Flat cat, flat rabbit, flat dog

• Fully 3D Cow, pig, dog, cat, rabbit

You’ll decorate some animals that we prepared for you earlier, that are already dry, using paint (and glitter if desired). Then you can arrange them and take photos of them, and take your cute animals home to play with.

Lesson 2 – decorate your animals and/or make some more

You’ll decorate more of the animals you made in Lesson 1, using paint and glitter. Then you can make some more advanced animals, such as:

Sheep, turkey, chicken, goat, horse, farmer

In any extra time, you can also make some accessories: fence, gate, tree, dog bowl, dog bone, collar, dog or cat basket, dog or cat food, etc. so you can create cute animal scenes at home.

Lesson 3 – make some cute animal houses and accessories

You’ll make some cute animal accessories, like fence, gate, hill, tree, dog bowl, dog bone, collar, dog or cat basket, dog or cat food, etc.

Then you can make a small animal house, or dog house, enclosure, or food holder and food, for your animal collection, and take them home to add to your collection of desirable hand-made animals and accessories!

Please let us know in the Additional Info which Lesson you are booking for.

Maximum 2 children per Adult.

The system will give you discounts according to the size of your party (or a fee for 3rd Child)

If you need to bring more children, please book them as adults, and do let us know in the additional info box below, we will bring in more staff to support. 

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


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