Make a Flying Rainbow Unicorn


Unicorn Series – make a mini baby, a rainbow flying, and a mama – unicorn!

Make a Flying Rainbow Unicorn – 2 of 3

Having mastered how to make your unicorn body in the previous class, this class lets you build a unicorn with flying outstretched legs, which is a more advanced shape to make and surprisingly more difficult considering it seems a small modification.

We’ll guide you to make beautiful sparkly rainbow clays to colour your unicorn.

We’ll show you how to mount your beautiful unicorn on a stick so he/she appears to fly! If there’s time, we’ll show you how to make wings, create unicorn food like miniature cupcakes and ice creams – and even, form some exotic rainbow unicorn poop!

Maximum 2 children per Adult.

The system will give you discounts according to the size of your party (or a fee for 3rd Child)

If you need to bring more children, please book them as adults, and do let us know in the additional info box below, we will bring in more staff to support. 

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


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