There are 4 model railways in Ubud Fairy Village.

The Elven Track or gold track, winds up around the Ice-Cream Castle, then the train shoots rapidly down a steep slope before meandering its way through the Waterfront, up and around the Dragon Castle, and snaking back down around the table. The kid’s track is a fun, fast-moving.

Thomas train track with bridges that play music as the train goes over it. We’ll need you to help keep the trains running! That’s part of the fun!

Then there’s the long pale green track whose trains sedately wind around the track, under the belly of the Dragon Castle, and back around, with the occasional exciting possibility of crashing into the train on the last track, the Circular Track with its fast moving steam train.


If you haven’t played with toy trains before you are in for a treat!

It is incredible fun! The trains sometimes fall of the track and so we will be inviting you to help us keep them running!

Our trains are kids train sets artfully combined into more complex tracks.

They have taken hours to optimise! Battery driven, there are many trains that run on the Elvin (gold) track.

Minature Ice Rink

We also have a working model miniature ice skating rink that we created, that the trains shoot past.

Book Guided Playtime

Guided Playtime

In Guided Playtime, you can play with what we have available (and/or your child can) – you need to be present with your children, and if you want to, we’ll encourage you to join in and play and have fun as well!

Wendy House ~ Train track time ~ Floor garden ~ Train set (you build) ~ Hang the figures on the tree ~ Fairy Village Treasure Hunt (Optional and Coming Soon) ~ Dolls House ~ Paperclay Play (guided)

1 Adult and Child / Hour




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