When was the last time you were truly playful? Did something silly, fun, or just to laugh?

We hope it was recently, but if not, you’ll find lots to be playful about and to be inspired by, at Ubud Fairy Village.

Men absolutely love playing with the trains – big smiles!

Floor Garden

Our ‘Floor Garden’ is a special toy or game that mimics the complexity of the Fairy Village – but lets you actually play and interact with it.

And children are full of wonder. There is a lot of permission for kids to just play here – our ‘floor garden’ game lets smaller kids (and you!) actually interact with the tiny trees, flowers, houses, animals and trains, without you needing to worry about them breaking the fairy village itself! This allows everyone to relax and enjoy what’s here.

In fact, the floor garden is incredibly relaxing for adults as well. If you just allow yourself to try it – you will love arranging it all. The Floor Garden is an extensive collection of hand made miniature flowers in pots, little flower beds, tiny trees, animals, funny play characters, small houses, hills, and more. You’ll arrange these on a green sheet, placed on the ground, representing ‘grass’.

As you lay out little paths, avenues of trees, ponds, people, forests, and roads, you’ll find yourself in control of your own ‘world’. You’ll naturally acquire design skills, as you discover, by doing, what looks and feels pleasing to the eye. This appreciation of natural aesthetics, by discovery, will spill over into other areas of life, and expand your artistic sense.

You’ll also find that just arranging things beautifully is very pleasing and calming. Your confidence in your own creativity will increase, as you explore and play with the possibilities in this very low-risk and easy game, that lets you expand in playfulness, beauty, and creativity – without even realizing it!

Then rearranging it. It’s very fun. The floor garden can be played with over and over again!

Create your own Floor Garden – and learn about ‘Creative Containers’

We encourage parents to create a ‘Floor Garden’ for their children at home – something as simple as providing a table or space with a green cloth on it, creates a ‘container’ for a game that can go on and on – the fun of adding and finding items for the Floor Garden, when you are out with your child – and the fun you will all have arranging it, can continue over and over again!

Every game needs a ‘container’. So does every creation. Think about a ‘container’ as simply being a ‘boundary’ for creating something. For a painting, the canvas is the ‘container’. The green cloth in the Floor Garden is a simple ‘container’ for the play. It says ‘the Floor Garden is made here!’ And so, the Floor Garden isn’t made all over the floor! It isn’t made around the room! It is made – on the green cloth. Such ‘containers’ are simple tools that provide a ‘space’ for creativity to happen.

When ‘containers’ are provided – creativity will explode safely – within the container! If there is no container – then ‘play’ becomes just ‘a mess on the floor’. Which dishonours the creation. Honour yours and your children’s creations by creating simple ‘containers’ like a green cloth for your Floor Garden.

Create your ‘Creative Corner’

Another example of a creative ‘container’ is having a space for your artistic materials. This can be as simple as a tray, or it could be the corner of a room, or a whole room, if you have the space. Start small here though – a tray is fine for starters!

Designate the tray as ‘artistic materials only’ and make sure everyone around you knows this. Carefully curate your art materials here – card, glue, scissors, a knife, glitter, sequins, paint, clay. Put your pens in a tin, your paints in a box. Make it tidy. Have your painting water there in a jar, with your tissues. Then, when you feel the urge to create, you just run to your tray – and do it! No more hunting around for the materials! They will all be there – waiting for you! This simple act will fuel your creativity.

Organising and curating your artistic materials nicely is an important aspect of being an artist. If you have no materials – how can you create? Most artists create ‘from the materials’. Meaning, they look at the materials – feel inspired by them – and then start to put them together to make something.

If every creative moment has to start with ‘a trip to the shops to buy materials – how will you ever create anything? Most people don’t seem to realize this, but having your creative materials readily available, and organized so you can find them – however minimal they might be – is a key skill to creating art!

Are you creatively starving your child?

Or creatively starving your Inner Child?

Does your child have ready access to art materials?

Are they presented with gorgeous offcuts of fabric, sparkling coloured glitters, lush paint colours, useful glues, handy scissors, fun card textures?

Or do they have no hope of finding these items in your space?

Would you have to hunt for an hour to find any of these? Or are they ready and presented tidily in the child’s ‘creative corner’ – so that your child can easily and joyfully create?

If your child’s creativity corner doesn’t exist yet – don’t worry! Just start with a simple tray and start putting one or two items there. Keep it tidy, and teach your child to tidy and arrange it artistically as well.

This will fuel creativity like nothing else! And as your child gets used to going to your creative corner, you’ll find their capacity for quiet, creative play – and their ability to focus and get things done – will increase. This is an important artistic gift that you can give to your child.

You can also add fun items to your craft tray now and again, to surprise and delight your child! They will discover them there and be inspired!
Feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing that?

Then you are going to love our next tip for grabbing back time in your Life – NIBBLING!

Book Guided Playtime

Guided Playtime

In Guided Playtime, you can play with what we have available (and/or your child can) – you need to be present with your children, and if you want to, we’ll encourage you to join in and play and have fun as well!

Wendy House ~ Train track time ~ Floor garden ~ Train set (you build) ~ Hang the figures on the tree ~ Fairy Village Treasure Hunt (Optional and Coming Soon) ~ Dolls House ~ Paperclay Play (guided)

1 Adult and Child / Hour




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